This site collects together my viewpoints to craft culture and artisan ways of life, both in terms of research, my own artistic projects and general curiosity.

Under the page ‘Research’ I share my journey of academic explorations. The topic ‘Domestic Dexterity’ is dedicated to the historical sources of ‘the idea of cottage industry’, topic of my doctoral dissertation, to make those sources accessible in the virtual world.

On the pier

Textile craft techniques, playing with yarns and fabrics, always fascinated me. I studied textile design at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, but my viewpoints to making often connected to social and historical aspects. I studied political sciences and cultural policy (University of Jyväskylä). In my doctoral thesis I explored the connection between craft culture and politics by analysing ‘the idea of cottage industry’ and the respective movement in Finland (Nordic equivalents of the phenomenon are ‘hemslöjdsrörelse’ or ‘husflid’).

The political and historical analysis of this movement illustrates that craft culture (and also design culture, for that matter) is an essential part of social life, an element in the life cycle of civilizations. This is a key to how I perceive craft culture as a multifaceted yet common cultural form that can connect people through time and space.






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